How To Do an SEO Audit

Modern business owners prefer web-based platforms to market their products and services. The presence of billions of prospects favors business growth online too. However, online marketing has become extremely competitive. Despite employing effective SEO (search engine optimization) strategies, you could lag behind in the rat race. You ought to track your SEO campaigns while employing innovative strategies to gain fruitful results. This is where SEO auditing comes into the picture. Let’s find out how to do an SEO audit.

What is an SEO audit?

You want your content to turn up in search engine results so that visitors take a suitable course of action. However, the old SEO strategies won’t cut it. Keeping pace with changing search algorithms becomes important. Plus, you should monitor your marketing tactics while staying abreast of times.

SEO auditing involves evaluating the search engine friendliness of your site on various parameters. The main aim of an SEO audit lies in optimizing your site to gain higher rankings in search engine results. You may either perform SEO auditing on your own or rely on a white label SEO company for the job.

How to do an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is a checkup for your site to figure out how well it performs compared to others. Mistakes may happen by anyone and auditing helps you identify those mistakes for a suitable course of action. Here are the important areas that SEO auditing covers.

Keyword usage

Although website owners pay close attention to keyword usage, unintentional mistakes may occur. Such mistakes can keep your site from ranking higher. An SEO audit will let you find out whether your keyword usage is on point, placed properly, and poised to drive the desired results.

Latent semantic indexing (LSI)

It refers to the intent and context behind a given keyword search. Due to stiff competition for keyword rankings, you ought to position your content for LSI or related terms. If you sell books in New York, your main keyword might be affordable books New York.

However, you ought to go for secondary and long-tail keywords, and that’s where LSI helps out. Figure out related keywords such as books in New York, fiction books in New York, or romantic books in New York for your content. Include secondary and long-tail keywords to enhance your chances of getting top rankings for multiple keywords.

Organic search rankings

Most entrepreneurs invest in paid search campaigns to get instant visits. However, paid campaigns could put heavy stress on your finances. If clicks don’t convert into conversions, your cost may increase substantially. One easy way to cut down advert expenses would be to assess how well you perform in organic searches.

Inspect your SEO results and figure out areas where you lag. Perhaps, your content titles aren’t optimized for keywords. Maybe, your site takes too much time to load. All such issues may affect your rankings. Find out any such issues and fortify them. Over time, your site’s rankings will improve, driving a ton of targeted customers through free organic reach.

Fix problematic code

The Internet world isn’t free from flaws and bugs. This applies to your site too. Review the back end of your website for bugs and similar problems. If not fortified, such issues may slow down your site (annoying visitors) or push you down in search results. Checking your site through a web developer will resolve the problem.

Check your back-links

The more the number of back-links, the higher the rankings will be. Right! However, that doesn’t hold true always. What if you unintentionally got links from spam sites? In such a situation, back links will do more harm than good. So, check your back-links for quality. Instead of getting hundreds of links from spam sites, go for a few links from authoritative sites.

Crawling and site auditing

An effective SEO audit begins with an extensive site crawl. A crawl will let you set a baseline for the rest of the audit. Perform an automated scan once a month to find out page views, bounce rate, and conversions. Site auditing will help you identify page errors such as page titles, Meta tag issues, broken links, duplicate content, and site structure. After finding those issues, mend them to provide enhanced user experience and enjoy the perks of SEO.

Bottom line

An SEO audit can do wonders for your venture in the long run. As well as keeping issues at bay, SEO auditing can increase your rankings and drive a constant flow of targeted prospects. So, follow the above tips on how to do an SEO audit. If that sounds too much, contact a white label SEO company for the job. In return for a modest charge, the company will perform auditing and help you fix those issues quickly.

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