Selecting the Best eCommerce Software for Online Store

ECommerce shopping cart program enables businesses to establish online stores. It helps businesses to showcase their products and affect global audience. Additionally, it removes the barriers of time, place and space for shopping. Additionally, it gives consumers a secure online shopping experience. The development is cheap and simple. This permits small businesses to have an internet store.

When it comes to choice of the best eCommerce software for creating an internet store, there are loads of options available. The programs available are free and paid. This report focuses on some of the leading eCommerce software available. The programs can be divided into two major categories: free, pre-hosted and compensated.

Free and open source softwares


This software has set several benchmarks in eCommerce development. It’s been awarded as the best shopping cart solution. It’s over 200000 community members from throughout the planet. It can be molded in accordance with the need, on the basis of the permit under which it’s been released. It’s available free of charge, allowing cost effective installation of an internet store. The community members are dedicated and active in introducing add-on capabilities.


Magento is another open source eCommerce solution. This program is complicated to start with, but after it begins functioning fully it gives a unique online shopping experience to the clients. It’s full of features and capable of fulfilling shopping cart requirement. Magento is relatively new and has a nice variety of community members. The official repository has spanned 2000 extensions.

Zen Cart

Zen Cart is just another form or in other words a forked version of osCommerce. It changes from its superior concerning attributes and template engine. Search-engine of Zen Cart allows the creation of custom themes for online shops. At the moment, there are almost 1000 free add-ons offered in its plug-in repository.


PrestaShop is another free and open source solution for online shops. It’s light in weight and gives speed to your website. It’s over 50000 community members. Compared to Magento, it provides better rate. It’s uncomplicated and simple to use.

Pre-hosted and compensated solutions


It’s a pre hosted e-commerce alternative which charges for having an internet store. Being a paid software it lessens the load of the owners. Owners simply must add products on the website. Shopify team protects the payment gateways, SSL and safety measures. It enables the creation of custom themes and custom domains. It’s up for grab in various packages. Business owners are billed on a monthly basis depending on the sales or package.


This is just another pre hosted eCommerce solution. It’s different from Shopify as it’s simply a shopping cart (not a CMS). It integrates with the current website. User can alter and customize the look and feel of their website as and when required. User just needs to select the code and place it in the website. Additionally, it charges on a monthly basis.

There’s a pool of applications for eCommerce website development. It’s a matter of choosing the very best. There are a lot of businesses offering the services. There are lots of expert designer and programmers providing shopping cart solutions utilizing the best software. As a business owner, it becomes critical to have an internet presence. Having an internet store is the first step towards creating plans, and tap into the billion dollar customer base.

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